Gary E. Wilson, President of Wilson Management, Inc., started the company to provide quality property management services on a personal basis for property owners in the Pacific Northwest. Gary and the professional staff of Wilson Management Inc. are dedicated to providing the most efficient, reliable services they can for you. As an owner of commercial or residential property, you may not have the time or resources to make sure everything runs smoothly. That is where WMI will step in. Not only will we make sure everything runs smoothly, we will also help you get the most return on your investment without cutting corners or skimping on quality.

How we can help:


Find Qualified Tenants


Repair Damage to Your Property


Receive Payments


Deal with Problems


Draft Tenant Agreements

We are real people that provide the best property management services in the Pacific Northeast. If you own commercial or residential property, and are looking for someone you can trust to make sure everything is taken care of on-site and behind the scenes, call Wilson Management Inc.!